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Question for followers

Who would you side with?

1. A Tim Horton’s worker in training paid minimum wage who messed up on a coffee order and put sugar in it.

2. An elderly woman with diabetes who got the coffee.

Today I stood up for the Tim Horton’s worker. It started because the woman went on and on, complaining about her coffee. I didn’t know she had diabetes when I stepped in. But it was her attitude that threw me off the edge. The employees are paid minimum wage (which isn’t enough to cover a basic basket of the necessities as defined by the CPI) and they receive such awful patronage all the time. The woman has a condition that “could put her into a coma if she has sugar” (quoted by her friend). So, whoa, I’m sorry she has that condition, but shouldn’t she take extra precautions if the risk is so high? Like, ordering your coffee with fixings on the side? Or specifying the importance of getting a coffee without sugar? Or how about making your own damn coffee at home and save the employees the trouble of risking killing you and save you some extra money?

Maybe I’m biased because I used to work for Tim Horton’s, but people make mistakes and minimum wage isn’t enough to demand perfection on a training day. Is this ageist/ableist of me?

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